Regardless of your Adult Home Health Care needs, we stand ready to serve!

There really is no place like home! Health care pic1
over the years has come to appreciate the healing
environment the comfort of home can bring. Here
at States Health Inc. we work with your team of
caregivers to create the healing environment that is
just right for you.

There are many options available to those in need of
home health care today. Just like the many options
available, there are also many agencies offering their
service. However, not all agencies are alike. States
Health Inc. stands apart in offering more than just the
standard of care, we offer excellence of care! You will
be glad you chose States!

Health care delivered in the home setting can yield many benefits. Some of which include:

· Reduction of facility acquired infections
· Shortened hospital stays
· Prevention of some hospital admissions
· Improved overall management of medication and therapies
· Better monitoring of lab values including but not limited to; glucose and coagulation levels (PT, PTT, INR). These values can all be resulted in the home and reported to the physician’s office at the same time.
· Comprehensive coordination of care between all disciplines involved in your health care. (Physicians, pharmacists, nursing, therapies, medical social work, medical equipment, supplies) Care that isn’t properly coordinated can prove less than ideal